Asset Management

Lincoln Advisors’ asset management team provides portfolio and asset management services for plan sponsors and institutional investors looking to enhance direct real estate investment oversight.

The asset management team is comprised of professionals who are equipped to develop solid strategies and implement solutions that meet clients’ business and risk and return objectives. The team has experience in portfolio management, structuring joint ventures, placing debt, formulating business plans and evaluating alternative strategies for distressed real estate assets through take-over accounts.

The asset management team’s breadth of knowledge in the market of real estate investment and management can be strategically molded into customized solutions for clients. Lincoln Advisors’ role can include the following areas of expertise: advisory, operations expertise, value enhancement, loss mitigation, modeling, reporting, valuation, and budgeting. Lincoln Advisors’ asset managers analyze and implement recommendations for cost containment and cost reductions resulting in increased productivity. Their goal is to ensure that each asset operates at peak efficiency at all times for each valued owner.


  • Due Diligence Execution
  • Sensitivity Analysis and Risk Management
  • Budgeting and Capital Planning
  • Project Management
  • Lease Analysis and Negotiation
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Evaluation of Alternative Strategies for Assets to Maximize Value
  • Site Visits
  • Reporting

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